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Desiree and Ryan

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Story

Desiree and Ryan connected on the dating app Hinge in late December 2019 and met in person on January 26th, 2020, at a bar named Father's Office in Santa Monica.

Desiree had actually canceled on Ryan for their first date as Ryan was en route, stating she had some "errands" to run instead. The truth is, she was fed up with the dating scene in LA and was nervous this date would be as bad as the others. Thankfully, Ryan was persistent and suggested they try again once he returned from a work trip to Switzerland a few weeks later. She agreed and, on the Sunday he returned, they finally met. They had an immediate connection.

That connection has taken them through a global pandemic, a move from LA to Boston, several music festivals, and to France, where Ryan proposed on February 5th, 2023.

Desiree and Ryan are so excited to take this next step and hope you can join them in celebration!